So what is this place?!


Hi everyone and welcome to FurryTalk!

I’m Julia and a few years ago I decided to start a blog as a passion and a hobby. For me there was no better subject than cute furry animals and some stories, poetry, funny pics and smiles – bringing stuff to go around the internet. The blog is simple but joyful, a place online where you can relax a few minutes per day and smile. The most popular animals have their own categories on the right side of the screen, the others go with…”others”. :)

My first pet was an adorable dwarf hamster called Dolce. What a cutie she was! I dedicate this blog to her, as I could notice that her tiny head wasn’t exactly empty and her few neurons working in there made her act unbelievably sweet!

After Dolce passed away, I have “upgraded” my responsibilities in what concerns pet care and I was the proud owner of a Scottish Fold: Charlie (unfortunately, he passed away *broken heart* :( )

And now, here’s Pami (funny cute story with the name choice, let me know if you’re interested), my very very special, cheeky and sweet British Shorthair whom I love to bits! (see the above photo, that was him!).

I can say that I spent quite a big part of my life with animals and I got amused, through the years, imagining what they might think in different circumstances. So here is the result, the combination of adorable animals and a rich imagination :D

You are welcomed to comment and suggest your own pictures of animals to be shown on this blog.
Enjoy your staying and have furry fun!!!

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