Odd Looking Animal [weird – but cute – picture]

Posted on : 07-03-2011 | By : Giulia | In : Odd Animals

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Ok, this is a really interesting one for me, never ever have I seen such a funny looking animal. And i can tell you for sure, it’s not photoshopped!
So if you guys have any ideas of what it’s called, leave a comment, it will make me smarter :D

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Some kind of bat? At least it has the nose similar to bats.

Thanks a lot Andy :D I feel indeed wiser now!

Is it bat??
strange creature

How is this posted on 7-3-11?

@Natalie: that’s 7th March 2011

I agree with Andy…..a tube-nose fruit bat.

i will call is a brat,it looks like a rat but at the same time a bat.

I would call that the freakyus meoutus.

this is definately a bat one of there species

It’s So Cute !!


C le chupacabra

C’est une bète de légende assé réputer mais im est possible que cette légende soit rée, mon père est cryptozologiste et je peit vous assurer que ce qui semble être une simple chauve souris est un animal inconnu qui vient d’entrer dans la longue liste des animaux reste a lui trouver un nom.

rat suffering hepathitism because of it’s yellowish color.

Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!

nyctimene tube-nosed fruit bat

I seen something like that but it was walking on two legs and had a whip like tail and stood 2 ft. tall.

I know this was donkey’s years ago but just on the off-chance you’re still interested, it’s the Demonic Tube-nosed Fruit Bat of Papua New Guinea! I’m not making it up, honest – Google it! :-)

you are right Mandy! haha :D so there are people who know lots and lots of animals!

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